The Beginning of ZILPINI….

      During their 7-month backpacking trip to ten countries, Surendar, Co-Founder of ZILPINI, observed that the struggle to be an artist was very real. He wanted to support all of these talented individuals by purchasing their works of art, but with a house already filled with art made by his wife Loveleen, he knew there are better ways to help artists thrive.


      This is where he started brainstorming an idea of a platform for artists to share their creative gifts instead of selling their art. The name ZILPINI came to his mind because it means “female artist” in Sanskrit, and art tends to be driven by feeling, which is the dominating characteristic in a female.  


      Both Surendar and Loveleen went back to their full time work after their backpacking trip and on the side started exploring how to transform ZILPINI into reality. While participating in local markets where Loveleen started selling her art, they observed the same struggles artists went through in trying to sell their works to the community. The concept of ZILPINI was slowly taking shape in their mind but it was only a year later that they both decided to leave their stable corporate job and dive full time into making ZILPINI a reality.


      While they both were absorbed in creating this marketplace for artists, Loveleen was also making more art and showcasing it in various galleries and markets. The more she made art that she thought would sell, the less she enjoyed the whole process. They realized it wasn’t the end product that mattered so much as the feeling of JOY the artist received through the process of practicing their craft.


      That was like an a-ha moment. All of a sudden, the vision of ZILPINI transformed from yet another marketplace to a platform that would bring JOY to the community through experience of ART.


      The idea of ZILPINI began in 2015 and after almost two years of sweat and tears, hard work, frustrations and challenges, ZILPINI is now ready to be born.


      This team of husband and wife believes that JOY needs to be a part of our personal and professional everyday. They know art and creativity play a huge role in bringing this JOY into our lives. And their volition is to make it easy for everyone to have access to what brings them JOY.


      ZILPINI as a marketplace will make it easier for Explorers to practice different forms of art and explore what brings them JOY. It will help Artists thrive by connecting them with their community so they can share what brings them JOY. And it will give the Spacemakers a chance to transform their space into a hub of JOY.


      By connecting Artists, Explorers and Spacemakers through ZILPINI, Surendar & Loveleen are creating a community that is structured around art, prosperity, and most importantly JOY!